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For more information you can contact:


Doug Bleeker

Spokane County Fire District 9

3801 E. Farwell Road

Mead, WA  99021

phone:  509-466-4602

fax:  509-466-4698

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  1. Chantal Hurtubise permalink

    Hi, I want to plug in an outdoor heated cat house, 40 watts according to manufacturer. I have to plug it into an extension cord, which is probably way too long, but got the heavy duty outdoor,12 gauge contractor type. I have an outdoor plug on our porch, but don’t think it has been installed by an electrician and don’t want to take a change. I would like to just leave it on at night in late fall and early winter, but about 12 hours straight. I just read about the coiling issue, Since the cord is so long, it would be coiled , would this be a problem since the heating mat is low in watts, Or should I get a shorter cord? Trying to keep a stray car warm for the colder months. thanks.

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