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Automatic Kitchen Fire Extinguisher That May Help

July 23, 2012

Last post we talked about kitchen stove-top fires.  We outlined the causes, what you should do and what you should NOT do.  This week we’ve got a video of a device designed to automatically extinguish a kitchen cooking fire.

Auto-Out produces a stove-top fire suppressor.  One fire suppressor protects two burners, so the company recommends two.  A two-pack goes for $54.00 plus tax and shipping.  Suppressors stick magnetically to the stove hood over the burners.  Each suppressor is a can of extinguishing agent with an ignitable fuse.  At a pre-determined temperature, the suppressor pops, expelling fire extinguishing powder all over.  The manufacturer advocates replacing them every six years.   For a quick video on the Auto-Out product go to  Auto-Out can be purchased through the company Website at and is now available on

Remember, a product like Auto-Out is a mitigation measure designed to decrease the impact of a fire if you should have one.  Like we said last week, caution is the best preventative measure.  The best fire safety is not having a fire in the first place.

If you’ve got questions about cooking safety, call us at 466-4602, or e-mail me at, or post a question here on this blog.

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