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Focus on Safely Driving Through the Accident Scene

June 29, 2012

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In the recent story featured on, emergency personnel responded to a traffic accident.  While there, two other drivers watched the scene rather than the road and crashed themselves, tripling the damage.

When we get called to a vehicle accident on a highway, we want to get the victims extricated, stabilized, packaged, loaded in an ambulance and transported to hospital care.  Then we want to get our troops off of the highway, restore traffic flow and ensure no one else gets hurt.

The problem is drivers who want to gawk.  They wander all over the road while they eyeball the scene, rather than the road.

Roadside accidents are dangerous enough.  Someone has already suffered and we don’t want anyone else getting hurt.  If you come to an accident scene where fire and police are present, focus on your lane of travel and on getting safely through the scene.  You can check the story out on your computer or smart phone later.  Right now the victims, other drivers, and the people riding in your car, need you to focus on your driving . . . for everyone’s safety.

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