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Gas Appliances and Combustible Materials

June 9, 2011

We’ve seen this happen a couple of times and we came across it again a few weeks back.  Gas-fired hot water heaters have open flames in them.  Manufacturer’s design them with protective covers to keep the flames away from combustibles.  If someone works on the hot water heater, sometimes they forget to replace the protective cover.  At some later date someone who is unaware of the exposed flame, places combustibles next to the hot water heater.  Next thing you know, we’re off to the races and my guys are getting their hands dirty putting out fire in someone’s home.

Remember that gas appliances have fire burning in them all of the time.  Hopefully it’s not visible to you.  Because we can’t see the flames, we often forget they’re there.  Remember that gas furnaces, gas hot water heaters and gas clothes driers all have flames burning in them.  Staying aware of that hazard may keep us from getting invited to your house.


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