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Free Address Posts from SCFD-9 (for rural residents)

March 7, 2011

If you’re a rural resident of Spokane County Fire District 9, we’ll help you ensure we can find your home quickly.  And it won’t cost you a thing!

This was our Chief’s idea (there’s a reason he’s the Chief!).  We’ve been using plastic highway delimiter posts for addresses in rural areas for several years now.  We put reflexite numbers on both sides of the post.  It gives high visibility during the day and the reflexite shows up great at night.


1.  It’s free and we do the work for you!

2.  The address numbers are four inches tall which meet Spokane County Code requirements and are highly visible to our troops.

3.  We use reflexite numbers that really stand out at night (65% of all fires in Washington State occur after dark).

4.  The vinyl highway delimiter post stands up to snowplow abuse pretty well.

5.  We put the address on both sides of the post so it’s visible traveling in either direction.

6.  Helps us find rural addresses quickly.

7.  Even if we’re not looking for your house, knowing what address range we’re in aids in finding your neighbor’s home too.

Call our administrative offices at 509-466-4602.  Our staff will need your name, phone number and address.  Give us a few days to get the number stickers ordered up and we’ll get someone out to install the post at your driveway.


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