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Correct Addresses Help Fire Service Find Your Home

March 3, 2011

Spokane County Code outlines an addressing system to be used for every parcel of land within the county.  That’s over 205,000 parcels.  Obviously, designing a common addressing plan to work on that scale is important.  There are three reasons why this addressing system was designed as it is:

1.  It allows USPS, FEDEX, UPS, fire, police, ambulance, relatives (including in-laws), friends and neighbors to find your home.

2.  The system is uniform.  It is the same system used for everyone’s parcel in the county.  If I understand how the system works in the northeast portion of the county, I can also use it to find my way around the southwest portion of the county.

3.  It’s simple.  Less moving parts mean quick and easy use and that’s crucial for emergency services.  Part of that simplicity is fostered by the uniformity discussed above.

These are all reasons why emergency services need people to use this system for addressing their homes.  When you send out invitations for a party at your house, you provide directions on how to get there, right?  When you call 911, you’re sending out an invitation to emergency services, and you want us there way quicker than your in-laws.

With roughly 3000 calls a year, we’re usually going to homes we’ve not been before.  We absolutely rely on the county-wide addressing system.  If people don’t use that system to mark their addresses, we will not get there as quickly, and that can go badly for the customer.  We don’t want that!


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